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Cupping for your Health

Benefits from cupping routines

  • Increased blood circulation due to the rhythmic negative and positive pressure plus negative oxygen ion flow into each cupping cup.
  • Reduces pain due to sore muscles.
  • Reduces arthritis pain.
  • The rhythmic negative and positive pressure in each cupping cup opens your pores and will improve your skin tone.
  • Vibrating cups provides a vibrating massage to your skin and muscles.

Biboting Cupping Massager

The Biboting Cupping Massager was developed by Liu Shin Ta for his wife, LI Shui Lian, in 1995.

Mrs. LI was suffering with breast health issues and required daily manual massages.

Mr. Liu’s background as a electromechanical engineer allowed him to developed an innovating electromechanical device that provided a rhythmic negative pressure (suction) that alternated with rhythmic positive pressure that also provided a negative oxygen ion treatment.

He discovered that in addition to providing treatment for his wife’s breast health issues it also firmed the breasts.

The Biboting Cupping Massager provides high frequency vibration, negative oxygen ion and an overall warmness, thus providing a deep tissue massage to your skin.

Mr. Liu created Biboting International Co., LTD in 1995 to manufacture his innovating Biboting Cupping Massager. In 1999, the first version of the Biboting Cupping Massager was released and sold in Taiwan and China.

What is Cupping

Biboting cupping therapy is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy that uses cups to apply negative pressure on the skin. This negative pressure actually forms a vacuum over the affected area.

It releases the vacuum by applying a postive pressure. It will do this cycle over and over for the entire treatment time which varys between 2 to 5 minutes.

The negative pressure draws the skin up inside the cup, which in turn causes an increase in the blood circulation in the area under the cup. The postive pressure releases the skin.


Cupping History

Prehistoric humans used animal horns for “cupping therapy”.  Ancient Greeks and Egyptians practice cupping therapy. The Chinese has documented cupping therapy as far back as 206 BC.

Cupping was a common practice in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Mark Phelp started a world wide buzz when he appeared in his competition with purple cupping marks all over his body in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

US gymnast Alexander Naddor, also in the 2016 Rio Olympics, appeared in his competiton with circular purple cupping marks.

I remember my Dad using baby food jars with paper and alcohol, he used a match to light up the alcohol and paper. He then quickly placed the jar on his skin to create a vacuum.

My husband and I ordered a manual Cupping kit online and we used that for many years.

Then we discovered the Biboting Cupping Massager and now we are using it daily!!